Busy Bee Math

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Busy Bee Math is a fun game that helps children learn math facts.  It provides all of the benefits of flash cards in a fun game!  The game consists of a bee (the player) who needs to solve math problems while avoiding the spiders that are trying to capture the bee.

The main features of Busy Bee Math are:

  • Math problems for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Options to customize the maximum sum and factors used in problems.  This allows the math problems to be tailored to the child’s ability level.
  • Options to always include a specific number in the math problems.   This is very useful when your child is learning multiplication facts and wants to concentrate on specific problems (for example, multiplication facts for the number six).
  • Over 20 levels to keep the child interested and provide them with more variety.
  • Game scoring so your child can get recognition for improving his/her math speed and accuracy.

We offer both free and paid versions of Busy Bee Math.  The free version is limited to four levels and does not have any customization options.

We are continually working to make Busy Bee Math a better game.  Please contact us if you have any suggestions.  Some of the enhancements that will be added in the future include:

  • More levels with new and interesting layouts.
  • Secret items that will add interesting twists to the game.


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