Galactic Fighter

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We are proud to announce our newest game on the Google Play store: Galactic Fighter!

Galactic Fighter Promo

Galactic Fighter is a top-scrolling space shooter where you control a ship as you try to defeat some invaders in your galaxy.  It’s a fast paced action game with short stages so you aren’t stuck repeating a level if you get a phone call or text in the middle of your game.

Game Features:

  • Over 40 distinct levels spread across 5 stages
  • 20 powerful weapons
  • 19 enemies to fight
  • 6 engines to make your ship fly
  • 5 different ways to power your ship
  • 5 shields generators

We are taking a different approach with this game.  The game itself is completely free to play.  We are using basic banner advertisements on the non-action screens.  Please support our advertisers so we can continue to bring you quality games!

Check out these screen shots of the game:

Galactic Fighter Action

Galactic Fighter Options

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